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Your Dream Event Checklist

There are many key tools and utilities available to brides-to-be, planners and event managers, families and wedding parties, trying to get and check everything for that perfect dream event.

There are many such to do checklists available in print and online. Here is but one such example that can help you get, stay on track as you get ready for your dream theme wedding.

Up to 1 year before the big day

Yes 12 months ahead you can start planning – most planners will echo and advise you that the sooner you get started the BETTER! There is no time to waste or lose, with lots at stake – some locations are booked solid, for years in advance – you might want to reconsider if this is the case for your venue!

  • Announce your engagement/event.
  • Budget and BOTH determine how many guests may attend, individually and collectively, with parents and then finalize the wishlist, to short-list to final list!
  • Determine the type of event you want and theme.
  • Establish a starting budget.
  • Get all your suppliers lined and signed up, committed and retained wedding cake baker/decorator, video-photographer, musicians, and florist.
  • Pick the event format, style (formal, informal, traditional, contemporary-modern, alternative, etc.) Ceremony and reception together, separately apart, indoors, outdoors, what time of year
  • Select a caterer if not already provided for the reception.
  • Select a date and time.
  • Select and hire a photographer.
  • Select and order the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Select and secure your ceremony location.
  • Select and secure your reception location.
  • Sign all necessary contracts, pay deposits to secure venues and track your spending/budget against overall


  • Attendants of party – identify, approach and confirm
  • Bridal attire for bride and groom – wedding dress, headpiece, veil, tuxedo etc.
  • Gift bridal registry
  • Guest-list finalized
  • Travel plans for honeymoon


  • Administration and paperwork: blood test and marriage license in your state.
  • All physical check-ups doctor/dentist
  • All reservations confirmed, including the honeymoon, reception, wedding officiate etc.
  • Confirm all the entries/guests on the final guest-list prior to sending the invitations out
  • Engagement announcement to the newspaper.
  • Find a place to live after the wedding
  • Mothers and Fathers of the bride and groom’s attire
  • Select and order or print the invitations and stationery.
  • Trousseau-shopping
  • Wedding party and male attire all ordered, fittings, alterations and pickups scheduled
  • Wedding rings and special jewelry

Two to Four Months Before the Event Day

  • Accommodations for out-of-town guests.
  • Confirm the wedding cake details with the baker.
  • Designing and printing the program for the ceremony.
  • Finalize the florist details, photographer, video-photographer, musicians, etc.
  • Meet with planner and caterer for progress report, menu choices and finalizing , all catering details, set-up and changes
  • Order of service confirmed
  • Plan a rehearsal dinner, time and place.
  • Plan the bridesmaids’ luncheon and any other parties (pre- and post-)
  • Prepare all maps and directions for the ceremony and reception.
  • Set the dates and times with the officiate for the rehearsal.
  • Wedding guest book

6 to 8 weeks to go

  • Hire the limousine or other forms of transportation for the event especially for VIP or bride and groom
  • Mail invitations and announcements.
  • Prepare a portrait for the newspaper. Check your local newspaper for details and timing.
  • Select gifts for all your attendants.
  • Set appointment with photographer for your formal bridal portrait.
  • Set appointments with any hairdressers and/or makeup artists.

Four to Six Weeks Before

  • Wedding gifts for partner (bride/groom)
  • Flower order confirmation and delivery date/time, location
  • Confirm menu and headcount
  • All wedding party clothes are sorted out, fit, altered and ordered, ready to go
  • Fit wedding rings, pick up and keep safe
  • Seating plans
  • Order of service for ceremony and reception.
  • Placement, seating cards
  • Get all the wedding accessories, like ring pillow, goblets, garter belt, candles, etc.
  • Purchase a going away outfit.
  • Final fit of the wedding dress


  • Out of town accommodation confirmations
  • Bridal party attire all ready and in good shape, picked up
  • Business and legal aspects, will & testament, last name, address changes
  • Get your marriage license
  • Wedding announcement for the newspaper
  • Wedding gifts arrangements, who to pick up and drop off at the new home

The countdown has brought you to the final week



  • Complete place-cards
  • Confirm the availability of the musicians and vocalists, confirming date, time, location and program/activities, fees etc.
  • Delegate responsibilities to reliable individuals on your wedding day
  • Final details with officiate, photographer, DJ, musicians etc.
  • Final headcount and seating chart
  • Fit on all party clothes to ensure everyone will be looking their best
  • Give a final head count to the caterer.
  • Ground-transportation confirmed
  • Personally call and follow up with those guests who have not indicated they are coming or have not yet given their RSVP
  • Seating and ushers, plans and last-minute detail confirmations
  • Wrap and present the wedding party gifts.
  • Finalize your rehearsal dinner arrangements or other plans.
  • Honeymoon reservation confirmations, tickets in-hand
  • Pack for going away on your honeymoon

24-hours to your wedding day

  • Get a manicure or massage
  • Get some personal time for yourself to reflect and prepare
  • Go to sleep early, no partying until the wee morning hours – you want to look and feel your best
  • Relax
  • Review and rehearse all the details of your participants
  • Stay with your family the night before


  • Eat and drink enough
  • Prepare for your hairdresser and makeup appointments.
  • Rest and relax with a good bath.
  • Time to get dressed and prepare – do not rush
  • Best man and maid of honor sign the wedding certificate.

There are many tools and people to rely on as you get ready for and through your dream event/wedding. THIS GUIDE IS BUT ONE OF THEM!

Wedding are extra special occasions and for most ONE, if not the important  day in their lives. Stress, tension, planning, priorities, details, decisions, confirmations, information, pricing, lists, to do’s, checklists and more all occupy time, energy and efforts. Sometimes it is so easy to start feeling that things are getting out of control, lose your firm grip on what is where, who is coming and who is giving or doing what, that having it all in one convenient spot, like an organizer or wedding software solution on a laptop or mobile is just what the wedding-planner ordered and the bride-to-be needs.

Amidst all the chaos, small touches, favors, theme-related choices, event/wedding day things to take care of, you can also look at ways to make your life and tasks easier, more fun and smart!

  • Administer and manage guest list, Invitations and RSVP’s easily. § Appointments and reminders, organizers and scheduling tools to incorporate and set Accommodation, transportation, special meal requirements, last minute details, contacts and logistics at your fingertips
  • Be in control and in touch at all times – without meltdown or Bridezillalike tendencies
  • Budgeting, expenditure, track receipts and spending
  • Customize your personal and own unique envelopes, labels, cards, notes, thank you’s and place cards.
  • DO NOT ALLOW PANIC TO TAKE OVER and ruin your life and wedding.
  • Get and stay organized and focused
  • Keep note and track all details automatically
  • No not overlook or forget anything
  • Prioritize
  • professionally manage your wedding from the beginning to the big day of your wedding
  • Remember the important things
  • Stay objective and make the best decisions
  • Templates, seating charts and seating arrangements, plans and responders to use to send electronically or print/send
  • utilize tools and resources, like planners and software, professionals and quality, reputable and reliable suppliers

DREAM THEME Wedding Showers – organize, plan and enjoy all it has to offer – this is your sneak-peak and gearing up for your BIG DAY, so make the most of it!

Bridal showers, pre-wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, all these pre-event type get-togethers can be very helpful to prepare you for your big wedding day, but they can also make you more anxious as the excitement builds. The wedding theme can go for a little test-run to speak right here. Couple showers, jack-and-jill type parties for guys and gals, brides and grooms, to get ready for their homes, wedding, marriage together etc. can be great fun for everyone involved. It will also give you more of an idea as to what to expect from people’s reactions and enjoyment of the wedding theme that you have.

Maids or matron(s) of honor have the privilege of arranging these parties and related festivities, for wedding party, bride, family and close friends, wedding guests. Many opt to all chip in, contribute,  organize, host and share the cost and planning of these get-togethers. They are typically more informal and for the enjoyment of all, as you prepare for the big day together. It is time to spend, share and have fun.

  • Where it is held, in or outside, restaurant, home or other location
  • Date, time and attendees
  • Typically held 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding
  • Some still opt for the girls only type party, lunch, evening out and couple-showers are increasingly becoming more mainstream and acceptable
  • Typical invitees to the wedding shower would be friends, relatives or work colleagues who in a few weeks will be sitting down to share in your joy as guests at your wedding

Keep it medium to smaller to ensure that everyone gets a chance to interact and share some time before the wedding. Menu, invites and theme can be borrowed or taken as inspiration from the main wedding theme. Shower games and activities, gifts and even music can make for a memorable day for the bride, family and friends.

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