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  •   How to have your dream wedding décor without burning your pocket? 
  •   What are the things needed to be decorated in order to have a themed wedding? 
  •   What are the themes that I can actually do for my wedding? 

Hi, my name is Lee.

I’m the founder of de coMATE, wedding decoration company  in the beautiful island, Penang. I was an event planner and I started my event journey in 2008. I learnt that beautiful setup is crucial for your event as people have their first impression of the event based on what they see instead of hearing. I remembered 1 of my friend was having a wedding at one of the 4 star hotel in Penang on 2010. They were so panic and nervous in that year because of planning out the wedding. This is perfectly normal as they plan it for the first time. During the planning, they argue about budget, style, vendor, etc. But the good thing is, at last the night turned out great. They invited one of the famous jazz band in Penang, have a five figure décor and setup, the environment is so warm and classy. Everybody was jealous about their fairy tale wedding.  But, after the reception night, nobody knows the story and pain behind the glamorous reception. This couple carries a huge debt because they didn’t plan their wedding finance properly. Turn out they burn their pocket and they even apply personal loan to cover the debt after a few months.

Then, it hits me. Is that decoration has to be high price? How about couples that want to have a beautiful wedding? Don’t they deserve to have an unforgettable wedding too?

So, I started to start up my décor business with my sister who is one of the florist in one of the florist in Penang. In our company, we have a slogan ‘Every Moment Counts’. Our mission is to make sure our clients get the maximum value of what we delivered and enjoy the maximum happiness in their wedding day. We want to make every couple that we serve have an unforgettable wedding in their life without burning their pocket.

To plan a wedding is most stress work that mostly bridal couples ever do. It’s time-consuming and tiring. Based on our survey, for most of the bride, it took 48% of their wedding planning time just to negotiate and discuss the décor as decoration plays an important role and it determines the style of your wedding.

If you take your action now, we will reward you with special bonus as per stated in the package below, ONLY if you take action and make appointment today:





Limited slots only. Wedding dates are hot in particular date and yours one mostly fall on the same one with other couples. So, take the chance and make an appointment with us now.

We hope we can serve you and make another dream wedding happen.

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