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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Location ?

How to choose the perfect wedding location ?

Wedding Location???

Where you hold the wedding can be an important theme-type decision to. Destination, up-scale hotel, local hall, restaurant, church with reception hall , backyard, gardens, wedding chapel, resort, vacation destination, church, gallery, tourist-type wedding location, etc.

There are lots you can do with a themed wedding that has nothing to do with where it is going to be held physically speaking.

You do however with a themed wedding plan for the unexpected, arrange for any special requirements that your theme might have from the location, staff, clean-up etc. (which might cost a little extra, or you can volunteer to do it yourself).

Beside that,that environment and context in which, against which backdrop, atmosphere, climate and décor , sounds, smells, experiences, things, foods, drink, tastes, activities, music, menus, program of unfolding events, speeches, toasts, favors, cake/desserts etc. video and photographs, gift tables, garter, bouquet toss and more TO MAKE YOUR DREAM THEME WEDDING memorable and enjoyable FOR ALL!

By no means does it have to be the most fancy or even quite costly – you might find an affordable spot, that you can decorate and use to your heart’s content to create YOUR perfect paradise – you do not need to go to Hawaii to have and host a perfect Hawaiian theme wedding, the beach to have a beach theme wedding, the moon, space, ocean etc. – YOU GET THE PICTURE?!

-on a farm

-by the side of a river or lake

-on a house-boat

-ranch (cowboy theme)

-in a japanese or flower garden

-castle, cottage or country estate


-golf course


… and many more

Moreover,what truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there, why they are there, that you share your special day with them, the ones you love and cherish and remember it for a lifetime. Weddings can and do take place almost anywhere and everywhere!

Choices of wedding locations , places, ceremonies, receptions, parties (pre/post) can be daunting a task, overwhelming at best and most of the time, BUT it does not have to be.

You need to opt for your theme, type of wedding you want. Next decide if you are getting married in a church, or at home, at the courts, indoors, out of doors, and where the reception is going to be, ample parking, same spot or different spots for reception and ceremony – find answers to what to put on the invitation and map MONTHS before the wedding is to take place.

ANSWER THE WHERE IS THE wedding location GOING TO BE question for your guests, in and through your theme and invitation text, message and RSVP cards. Whether in a restaurant, on a beach or island, airplane, under water, even city hall… there are lots you can do and opt for with the right kind or theme. Not everyone however likes or would even consider getting married while jumping out of an airplane or under water!

According to some the most chosen and if not THE best places for weddings are places that give voice and underscore the romance and love that brought you to the decision to get married.

You are trying to find, orchestrate THE PERFECT SETTING! For you and your loved ones to share something special, and you want to say I do, in a place that’s going to reflect the love that you feel for each other as well as the theme that you chose.

Choose something recognizable, popular, easy to get to, imagine and transform A practical, multi-functional space Unforgettable with lots of potential for décor and capacity that you require This will be the first space and context you enter/share as a married couple, YOUR chapel of love for that beautiful special day – a themed dream wedding can make it absolutely perfect and just the way you want and like it.

Visions and dreams take flight and hold, become reality right before your eyes, even if you have to travel to the destination/location by car, plane, foot or other means… regardless of how far, where, how big, open, in or out IT IS YOUR wedding location – you can make the most of it for the one most important day of your life.

Spaces and places can be transformed. You can be whisked away to the exotic, historic, artsy, modern, up-scale luxury and elegance or plain simplicity of nature, the outdoors, beach, sand, sun and green grass – imagine having a park-like wedding, an Elizabethan picnic in the rolling hills with family and friends…a romantic all-trim formal evening, with dinner, gowns and dancing… the whole nine yards… yes, and everything in-between and even beyond that!

Through the spaces and places you choose for your dream wedding to take place, you make the day memorable and special for now, tomorrow and forever! That is how the day becomes a reminder of how you feel about each other.

Asking around, hunting online, you might be surprised at some of the great suggestions and location, contexts, backdrops and themed type locations you might end up from wish or dream-list, to short-list to finalist!

Weddings attended, movie and television weddings can all give you some ideas to one day use and incorporate, implement for yourself and your special day.

Which ones did you enjoy, why, where –  what would it take to make your day just as special and WOW for you and everyone else involved? Determine if your budget allows and/or how you can make it happen.

Book early, pay deposits and verify details, dates, agreements in writing to protect yourself, secure you date and facility, avoid double bookings and more – peace of mind to tick ONE MORE THING OFF THE TO DO LIST!

-Asian: backyard, banquet hall, restaurant, house, resort, conference center, pagoda, temple, and any or every where else, in-between!

-Beach: backyard, beach, and hall that allows themed weddings

-Cowboy: local ranch or farm, backyard, parks, local hiking trails

-Hawaiian:local beach (get permits), backyard, a nearby recreational space, stadium, hall, park, and even at a lake, stream or river

-Winter Wonderland: decorated hall or banquet room, backyard, or your local outdoor skating rink

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