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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Location?

Wedding Venue?

Where you hold the wedding can be an important theme-type decision to, and we all know how Penang wedding locations can be tricky!

There are lots you can do with a themed wedding that has nothing to do with where it is going to be held physically speaking. This is true especially for Penang wedding locations and wedding venue with limited spaces.

You do, however, with a themed wedding plan for the unexpected, arrange for any special requirements that your theme might have from the location, staff, clean-up etc. (which might cost a little extra, or you can volunteer to do it yourself).

By no means does it have to be the fanciest or costly – you might find an affordable spot that you can decorate and use to your heart’s content to create YOUR perfect paradise. You do not need to go to Hawaii to have and host a perfect Hawaiian theme wedding, or the beach to have a beach theme wedding, the moon, space, ocean etc. – YOU GET THE PICTURE?!

Therefore, what truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there, why they are there, that you share your special day with them and remember it for a lifetime. Weddings can and do take place almost anywhere and everywhere!

Choices of wedding venue, locations, ceremonies, receptions, parties (pre/post) can be daunting a task, BUT it does not have to be.

But, Where?

You need to opt for your theme, type of wedding you want. Next decide if you are getting married in a church, or at home, at the court, indoors, or outdoors. On top of that, note where the reception is going to be. Moreover, will there be ample parking spaces? Reuse the same spot or a different location for reception and ceremony? Find answers to what to put on the invitation and map MONTHS before the wedding takes place.

Orchestrate THE PERFECT SETTING! For you and your loved ones to share something special, and you want to say I do in a place that’s going to reflect the love that you feel for each other as well as the theme that you chose.

Choose a recognizable, popular, easy to get to venue. Imagine and transform. A practical, multi-functional space. Unforgettable, with lots of potential for décor and capacity that you require. This will be the first space and context you enter/share as a married couple, YOUR chapel of love for that beautiful special day – a themed dream wedding can make it absolutely perfect and just the way you want and like it.

Transformative Wedding Venue Ideas?

Spaces and places can be transformed. You can be whisked away to an exotic, historic, artsy, modern, up-scaled luxury and elegance scene or with the simplicity of nature, the outdoors, beach, sand, sun and green grass. Think of a garden wedding for example. Imagine having a park-like wedding at a botanical garden – an Elizabethan picnic in the rolling hills with family and friends. Subsequently, a romantic all-trim formal evening, with dinner, gowns and dancing. The whole nine yards. Yes – everything in-between, and even beyond that!

Through the spaces and places, your chosen wedding venue makes the day memorable and special for now, tomorrow and forever! Hence, that is how the day becomes a reminder of how you feel about each other.

Get Familiar with Penang Wedding Locations

Ask around, hunt online – you might be surprised at some of the great suggestions and location, contexts, backdrops and themed type locations you might end up from your wish dream-list, to short-list to finalist! On that note, here are some Penang wedding locations:

-Asian: backyard, banquet hall, restaurant, house, resort, conference center, pagoda, temple, and any or everywhere else, in-between! Peranakan, or Macalister Mansion in Geogetown, maybe?

-Beach: backyard, beach, and hall that allows themed weddings. Notably, check out hotspots in Batu Feringgi!

-Cowboy: local ranch or farm, backyard, parks, local hiking trails. Likewise, try looking up Balik Pulau!

-Hawaiian: local beach (get permits), backyard, a nearby recreational space, stadium, hall, park, and even at a lake, stream or river. So, this calls for Teluk Bahang, don’t you think?

-Winter Wonderland: decorated hall or banquet room, backyard, or your local outdoor skating rink. Because of its nature, it is suitable for most hotels, and halls in Penang.


In a nutshell – book early, pay deposits and verify details, dates, agreements in writing to protect yourself. Also, secure your date(s) and facility, avoid double bookings and more – ONE MORE THING OFF THE TO DO LIST!