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Our Vision

To be the top wedding decoration company in Malaysia which could make every bride and groom get the wedding decor they deserve.

Why we do what we do?

It feels so good when we see our customers smile on their wedding/event. That’s why we’re so committed in putting 101% on every decor. It means so much to them and so do us!

by Lee, Owner of De Comate

Our Mission

Make it easy and fun for inexperienced soon-to-be bride and groom to design their dream wedding decor affordably.

Our Core Values

Love is selfless, share the love

The world is made of love. We commit to share love, tips, knowledge to our clients, our mate (that’s what we call our staffs), and people around us. And thanks to all our clients, we are able to donate part of our profit to some charitable association. Share the love!

Always exceeding expectations

We don’t mind working harder to see the beautiful smile on your face when you look at the outcome of your dream decor. That’s what pushes us forward to improve.


Continuous improvement

We never settle for the same situation. That’s too boring, that’s why we love pain and love to improve ourselves.

We are crazy but we are serious

We play like crazy. But that is why we work like crazy. In our company, we believe only crazy people deliver beyond expectation results.


Result is not everything, it is the only thing

The KPI in our company is customer satisfaction. To understand and to guide our customers to get the result of the decors that they want is our goal.


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