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Sweet and delicate. A bond that blooms, but never fades. An ultimate wedding theme for a romantic showcase of love that stands the test of time is a floral one.

You can’t go wrong with this theme. Nature offers multitudes of flowers to select, pair, and most importantly – to decorate with. Whether you love vibrant colours, or soft tones – you can express it altogether on your wedding day.

Best of all, the location of your wedding will always welcome flowers! Play with different motifs. Mix and match hues that complement the backdrop of your venue. It is truly versatile.

Have you ever imagined purple against the deep, lustrous blue of the sea? Maybe you’d like to have something that isn’t too neutral, and still have light tones? Consider going pastel. Afterall, there are an abundance of flowers to choose from!

Our Works: Floral Wedding Decor


Flowers. Can't get enough of them. Romantic, delicate, and sweet; much like your journey of love! A floral wedding theme is versatile. It can be a much more elaborate version of a garden themed wedding. Just look at our collection…

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