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Get ready to be enchanted and welcomed into nature’s embrace for a canvas of a true love story. Think of soft shades, and hues. The pretty blooms. Each detail will be carefully designed to animate a wonderful atmosphere. One that celebrates the beauty of love and mother nature. All of this, in a garden themed wedding.

For a modern and classic spin – pair timeless elegance of white with refreshing pop of green and baby blue for a sweet and clean look. Other popular combinations to go along with this enthralling theme are blush rose, and ivory. You could even go with a dreamy pastel palette, with complimenting floral arrangements.

Everything about it is a celebration of life, and nature’s stunning beauty, with moody skies, blooming flowers, lush greeneries and foliage.

Dreamy Walkway Arch Garden Theme Wedding Decor


It will take your breath away. If you love nature, and all that it presents - this is the perfect wedding theme for you. You can take a stroll down your bed of roses (literally, if you will it!) Looking…

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