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Oriental is defined as having roots in Asia. More prominently, of East Asia descent.

While this wedding theme is not for everyone – its everlasting and perfectly poised nature has gained traction and reputation for being one of the most memorable designs in the wedding industry.

Diving deeper, you’ll witness a beautiful splash, and prominence of red, and gold. Red symbolises joy, good fortune, and happiness in Chinese culture. Similarly, gold represents future wealth and prosperity.

Another well-loved symbolism of joy and wishes for a bright future in this rich culture are shown through lanterns.

If you’re more inclined for the best of both worlds – a western-oriental wedding theme may just be thing for you. Tones of ivory, brown, soft pink, and hints of gold are often used for this grand occasion.

Our Works: Oriental Wedding Theme


An Oriental wedding may sound traditional at first, but modern touches can be added for a little twist. Every bit of that timeless oriental feel is exuded. What about a Peranakan set-up? We can't wait to see what's next from…

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