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September and October. What are they known for? Depending on where you are in the world – it is the season of Autumn. Rustic weddings are in line!

This wedding theme is versatile. Want to go boho chic? Berry-hued, wine-inspired tone can make a showstopper of a colour! Pampas grass is gorgeous and can easily be incorporated into this setting. The trend of pampas grass isn’t going out of style anytime soon – that’s for sure. Not only is it used for a luxe, romantic affair, but it is also a hit for boho weddings when coupled with wild grass.

Gorgeous shades of champagne, deep autumnal orange, red, and gold are amongst favourites for this theme. Contrast those with white, and you have a winner!

Seasonal decors such as wooden accents, and dried leaves are almost always a must when it comes to recreating that rustic atmosphere.

Our Works: Rustic Wedding Theme


Your guests will be swept into a beautiful wedding theme that centers on warm, welcoming tones. It creates an unforgettable atmosphere of romance, and makes you feel right at home. Therefore, this theme revolves around creating a nostalgic ambiance. Rustic…

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