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Seriously, Anything you Like Could be your Dream Wedding Theme

No matter where you are in the country, you will all agree that wedding is both an exciting and stressful event to plan. But there is a way to undo this belief: to decide a wedding theme. Maybe you’ve already had your dream wedding theme since little. This can certainly increase the excitement and lessen the stress. Since the theme will define everything you need for your wedding – it helps to determine the dresses to accessories. Additionally, from cakes to the foods; and from invitations to locations.

So, how should you decide on what wedding theme to choose?

Your Dream Wedding Theme

Consider your personalities and interest. This is the best way to pull out a theme out of nothing. If you both love the sea, then consider a beach theme wedding.

If you both come from the West, then a Western and Country wedding theme will suit both of you.

If you have different cultural orientation, then why not pick one traditional wedding ceremony?

If one of you is from the military, then a military wedding would be impressive.

Or, if the bride likes fairy tales, then why not consider a fairy tale wedding. This will certainly give another meaning to the word “happily ever after”, right?

Wedding themes that are based on your favorite movie could be another idea you can consider.

NASCAR wedding theme can be a good choice too.

Diving Deeper

The fact is, there could be thousands of different wedding themes you can choose from. It is up to both of you to decide which one will describe yourselves best.

If you have, for example, made a list of different dream wedding themes but could not really pinpoint which to you choose, then consider the time of the wedding. Sometimes, it is a good thing to first know when to get married then decide which theme is perfect for that season. There are particular wedding themes during spring and summer, so as the winter and fall. If you want a wedding in December, then a Christmas wedding theme could be great. A February wedding is expected to have a Valentine’s Day wedding theme.

A period of history that both of you may want to highlight during your wedding is also a good start when deciding the theme you will use. Some of these are Renaissance wedding theme, Roman wedding theme, and Ancient China wedding theme.

The Location?

The place where you will hold your wedding is also a good start to know which theme to choose. If it is a ranch, then a Country wedding theme is perfect. The beach wedding in Hawaii is of course not as good if you don’t adapt the Hawaiian wedding theme. A garden wedding theme will obviously work if held in the garden. Holding the wedding at the Disney World will automatically be a Disney wedding theme.

What’s Next for Your Dream Decor?

Deciding a wedding theme early is one thing. Preparing for the things that will fit to the theme is another. So after you have decided which wedding theme to choose, your tasks are now on preparing the things needed for the wedding including your dream decor, accessories, food, wedding dresses or costumes, invitations, and more. Make sure that everything is based on the theme.

Nonetheless, a defined dream wedding theme will make the preparation easier since the theme will set the limits of the things needed. The wedding theme will make the preparation into order at the same time, it will give a unique experience to those who will attend the celebration.

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