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Unique Weddings Ideas, Dreams and Themes Come to Life (PART1)

Mostly people pick themes for the wedding to make their life easier, the to-do list more manageable, the final product a fantastic, spectacular whole, from the smallest to the biggest detail.

If it is well-thought out & executed, priced and synergized just right – there will be a beautiful, flawless complete wedding celebration underway. Guaranteed and to boot, it will be completely unique and memorable, done for a mere fraction of the cost.

Through the use of a theme, you are in the position of communicating with your guests, way before the couple even arrives. It shares with them something about you and things that you love, cherish and prefer. It should showcase a little bit of your personality, what attracted you to each other, tell a story of your love etc.

Love Sports? An Island Memory Trove?

If you both love a certain sport, maybe a sport theme will be OK (watch out girls and boys!). Did you meet on an island vacation, on the beach? Then an island or beach theme for your wedding will be perfect. It celebrates the first moments you encountered, met and fell in love.

Ahhh, a sunset, sand between your toes, slight breeze – OK, no bikinis here for wedding-dress OK (unless you are on the beach of course and it is your preference! All the power to you). The first step is to decide on your ultimate personal and overall wedding theme. The backdrop and coordinating – the silver thread if you will – ties in every little detail of your special day into a spectacular event. All elements can be quite easily and successfully be tied into this one, sole theme with relative ease.

There are myriads of products available out there, including the wedding favors and gifts. Each making it MORE memorable and coordinated!

Ask and answer for yourself what you would need for your wedding and make the choices according to your theme.

Colors, tastes, sounds, music, décor, food and drink, favor, fabric etc. all start to come together nicely in a tidy package, once you put your mind to it.

Asian Delight

Think about what and how each decision you make, can make your theme come to life and have this personal wedding event of all time, just the way you want and like it to be. If you are having an Asian wedding, for example, there are numerous sites online available. Coupled with niche providers that can assist with Asian designs.

This includes wedding favours, fabrics, tastes and extravagances, music and flavors to please, tantalize, invite and spoil your guests and the wedding couple with!

For the tables and reception, think fortune cookies, chopsticks, and take-out boxes, fortune cookie place card holder, or metallic / silver take-out box that has the names of the couple engraved on it.

Something Seasonal?

Here are some illustrative ideas and examples for a unique wedding idea theme. What about a seasonal, wintry, cold-blast type winter, ice wonderland, with snow, blue, silvers and white? Silver-toned cotton for snow, tinsel and icicle lights, snowmen, ice-princesses. In addition to that, silver-toned glitter and faux flowers like lilies.

Similar for Spring, Fall and Summer-type themes. It helps with color-schemes, fabrics, decors, favors, menus, etc. All brought and tied together with this one unifying aspect – YOUR DREAM UNIQUE WEDDING THEME.

Beach, Maybe?

What about beach theme or type wedding? Think elements and components like shells, fish, sand, and water, seagrass, pearls, treasure, or waves. The smells and sounds of the sea. Favors; like ships, beach umbrellas, flip-flops and more.

All freely and cheaply available, but here not cheesy at all. With creative coordination, you can get the message across, set the state, create some atmosphere. It can become the backdrop to your perfect wedding day.

Elegant, useful, creative, stylish, favors galore, abound for myriads of themes, like silver dolphin-shaped bottle-opener or a shell shaped candle accent.

These can all be added to the list and festivities. Because it can be obtained quite affordably – it makes the whole event more memorable. Subsequently, it becomes enjoyable for everyone.

Even if budgets are stretched to the limit, there are favors available. For example, shell card holders, or a mini beach pail filled with candies or countless others.

Flower Wedding Theme?

How about flowers being the theme of your wedding? A much-loved, yet ever evolving theme makes this one of the more unique wedding ideas. Multi-colored, one colored, two-toned, pastels, reds, pinks, yellow, orange, yellow and green; you name it! There are possibilities!

Accessories that are shaped in that particular flower and so on are all doable. After all, it requires little effort for maximum impact.

Combining themes like winter, holidays and flowers might be another option. Go for green, red and gold colors. Bells and holly wreaths can be added. Maybe even some birds to add that festive touch beyond the ordinary!

Need More Unique Wedding Theme Ideas?

Make sure to follow up on our second part!

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