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Tips, Recommendations, Practical Advice For Themed Wedding (PART 2)

Tips, Recommendations, Practical Advice for Themed Wedding (PART 2)

When it comes to wedding gift lists, ensure that there are many more options and choices than there are wedding guests, not wanting to get two or three of the same thing, now would you?!Especially NOT with a themed wedding. People who might not be able to attend, can jump right onto the themed wedding/party and give you something appropriate like a gift certificate to your favorite spots-store or tickets to a local high-level game in a skybox or private viewing suite for example for a sports-theme wedding.

Wedding guests in attendance, headcount and logistics, contact information, updates, cancellations, stand-by and last-minute guests/additions needs to be tracked actively at all time. Adapt and be flexible budget allowing and ensure that all the details are available to those who need it most (caterers and seating, menu-preparers, cake decorator, favors, seating cards etc. )
Map and zones once upon arrival can be very helpful for guests to have on hand and a must-have for a theme or destination-type weddings.

Order of Service sheets for church, court, chapel, even garden services are important. State what will happen when and find an appropriate way to communicate it, according to your theme, note-cards, shaped paper (origami for Asian wedding for example) It can be a good scrapbook item and memento as well as having extras on hand letting everyone what will happen when and where ensuring smooth unfold of the events on the day.

Thank you cards, pictures, video-diary, self-snap cameras on the tables, guest books all make for easy ways to keep with your theme. Transportation, officiate, wedding party, an order of events, rehearsals, menus etc. can all be samples beforehand to get a feel and taste of how the different elements will come and work together to bring your theme to life.

THINK practical when packing and preparing for your bid day – not overlooking the important things like your personals, luggage, passport, money, tickets etc. Cake stand and knife Microphones, sound-checks, lighting, backup generator for if the power goes out, candles, tent or shelter, alternative/rain plan for in case of weather Sampling the foods and drinks on offer to your guests on the day is a great way to get other involved and enthusiastic as well. Take the time to do it, even if you have to pay for it (in most cases you would not, OR you could make it your rehearsal dinner, wedding shower treats), even if you make it yourself, or have it catered, sample and try it BEFORE the big day!
Having a themed wedding can also include taking special care with normal things like


-Quality of the food

-Temperature, how and when, it is and will be served, kept warm/cold

-How the reception will unfold – what guests will do and experience, while they wait for you to return from taking pictures and other formalities, between the ceremony and the reception.

-Attendants and ushers – Memento’s and favors, special thank you’s

Be creative with these and use aspects from your theme to strengthen the overall underlying atmosphere, context and the world you are/have created for the day, the setting and wedding of your dreams.
REMEMBER it is about relaxing, sharing, enjoying, having a great time together and celebrating the start of your married life with those you love and whom are special to you! MAKE THE MOST OF IT – WITH THE PERFECT DREAM themed wedding.

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