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Gorgeous Floating Wedding Cake

Another Wedding Element not to be Missed – WEDDING CAKE

What’s so fancy with wedding themes is that you could customise the look and sometimes even the nature of the ceremony itself. From wedding favours to dresses and wedding cake, they can be matched to maximize the feel of this special day.

It would be awkward if the main components of your wedding aren’t coordinated with your selected theme. Thus, our first recommendation is that you find the most fitting type of wedding cake for the occasion. This is so that you would further actualize the loveliness of your selected motif.

In this article, we will discuss three of the most common types of cakes used in most themed weddings.

Sweet Floral Wedding Cake
Traditional, contemporary, or alternative?

Traditional Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are normally coated with an ivory icing and is characterized with a multi-layered cake design. The elegance of this type of cake is gathered from its pillars and icing. A trend since who-knows-when – we can’t negate the fact that traditional designs could still bring out the best in a wedding theme, even against modern-like ones.

Victorian wedding themes mostly benefit from traditional cakes. With the elegance and grandeur of this wedding cake, Victorian tradition lovers would surely opt for a cake that could be typified with this era. One that displays luxury, majesty and sophistication.

Contemporary Wedding Cakes

These type of cakes opened new alleys for creating more adventurous and less traditional styles of cakes. In fact, with the continuous trend towards newer ideas in wedding, people have also in turn found new ways of creating and recreating wedding cakes with contemporary designs.

The variations come from both the inner structure of the cake and its finishing touches. A single component removed could mean so much when it is added. For example, a moon shaped wedding cake might need a few touches that would further accentuate the entire result.

Alternative Cakes

Whenever someone says alternative cakes – the first thought that could come into your mind is a picture of an out of this world cake design. One that is not tied with normal perception of cakes but falls more into the category with experimental features.

This option is best for couples considering new concepts in relation to their wedding themes. Wedding themes such as country, beach, princess and star weddings are among the most typical categories that fall into this type of wedding cake.

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