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What is the Difference between a Wedding Decor Stylist and a Wedding Planner?

You’re probably thinking to yourself; “People use it interchangeably all the time!”

What if you thought you’ve booked a wedding decor designer, to mistakenly only get a wedding planner? Would you need both?

For such a momentous occasion, you’ll want it to be smooth sailing as how you’ve always dreamed it to be. One that will be forever cherished by you and your loved ones. Subsequently, a fond memory for your guests for years to come.

So, what’s the big deal about a wedding decor stylist, or a wedding planner?

Don’t they do more or less the same thing? You’d be surprised!

If you’re here, then chances are that there is a wedding coming up really soon. Besides, the stress is getting to you. So, here’s to saving you from all the confusion, and frustration!

Dreamy Walkway Arch Garden Theme Wedding Decor
Dreamy Walkway Arch Garden Theme Wedding Decor
Our Works: Floral Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor Archway

De Comate provides the services as a Wedding Decor Designer.

If a Wedding Planner is needed – we can arrange a separate party to handle the task for you but at an additional cost. So, please don’t hesitate to consult us so we can help you further!

Wedding Decor Stylist

  • Come up with a visual representation for the event tailored according to your personality, and style.
  • Listen to your inputs, and bring it to life! As a wonderful wedding designer, we will surely incorporate wow factors into your wedding. Thus, making it uniquely yours.
  • Make a customised colour pallete that includes the dresses, flowers, as well as your invitation design into the wedding’s theme to ensure its consistency.
  • Furthermore, we will be the source, and supply for flowers, props, furniture, and decors that harmonises with the chosen theme.
  • Be in charge of any creative discussions to incorporate your vision into the wedding.
  • Make a site visit to identify problems that may arise in regard to the venue, and layout design. Moreover, we will also plan where decors will be positioned.
  • Ensure that decorative items stay perfectly put on site, and in place on your special day.
  • Event designer
  • Event stylist
  • Wedding decorator
  • Wedding designer
  • Wedding stylist

Wedding Planner

  • Come up with budget plans for the entire event.
  • Recommend, and make bookings for stylists, florists, hair & makeup specialists, and other aspects such as car hire, entertainers, and more.
  • Make a run-sheet for the day, and plan timeline.
  • Be in charge of scheduling supplier, vendor, and venue payments.
  • Manage guest list, and RSVPs.
  • Attend related meetings for vendor & wedding reception.
  • Plan requirements for travels, and timings for the day of event.
  • Handle problem-solving, vendor management, ensuring everyone adheres to the timeline, and carries out your vision on-site on said day.
  • Event manager
  • Wedding coordinator

The conclusion?

Think of a wedding decor designer as your creative assistant whom you can share your visions of your dream day. Therefore, our objective is to not only conceptualise, but to also bring your ideas to life as the center stage. Hence, bedazzling your invitees with your chosen theme!

What is our mission as your wedding decor designer?

Have a look at our core values, and you’ll know why we’ve accomplished (and many more to come) such wonderful results, and happy clients!

Does De Comate only cater to wedding events?

No, we don’t. In fact, we cover a range of occasions from birthday parties, to corporate events, and even a selection of wedding themes to choose from.

Have a look at what others say!

We could tell you all about it, but what good are words without evidence? Our clients are our pride & joy, and hopefully you’ll be part of it, too!

Have an event idea, but not sure where to start?

Even if you’re still not sure on whom to go for – you can always drop us an enquiry to get things going. Besides, it never hurts to ask, and we’re always up for challenges & ideas!

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