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What’s Your Theme?

This is our lovely showcase of the works we’ve done for weddings. Here, you may browse through different beautiful wedding themes. Each unique in their own ways, and with the couple’s personal touches.

We can make it work if you have a specific theme in mind. Otherwise, take a look here for more ideas, and inspirations. We’d love to feature your once in a lifetime gorgeous wedding day, too!


An elegant wedding is one that is filled with style, and grace. In fact, it is defined as having flawless decor that is arranged in an impeccable manner, with a matching colour scheme. It has a simple, effortless look that never fails to capture attention. It can be tailored to have a modern, or traditional…


Your guests will be swept into a beautiful wedding theme that centers on warm, welcoming tones. It creates an unforgettable atmosphere of romance, and makes you feel right at home. Therefore, this theme revolves around creating a nostalgic ambiance. Rustic wedding themes tend to make use of more natural decors, such as pampas grass, lace,…


Flowers. Can’t get enough of them. Romantic, delicate, and sweet; much like your journey of love! A floral wedding theme is versatile. It can be a much more elaborate version of a garden themed wedding. Just look at our collection of past works for this theme. It will amaze you to no end (us included)!…


An Oriental wedding may sound traditional at first, but modern touches can be added for a little twist. Every bit of that timeless oriental feel is exuded. What about a Peranakan set-up? We can’t wait to see what’s next from you! Matching Oriental Wedding Gifts and Invites? A Little Thing’s classic yet contemporary wedding gifts…


It will take your breath away. If you love nature, and all that it presents – this is the perfect wedding theme for you. You can take a stroll down your bed of roses (literally, if you will it!) Looking for more Garden Wedding Inspiration? Browse De Comate’s Pintrest mood board! It can be simple.…

Fairy Tale

A fairy tale wedding is something else. It is often depicted as a magical and romantic theme. Delicately beautiful, and simply unforgettable. You’ve been daydreaming about this day. Now, it’s no longer a dream. Let us open up another chapter to your fairy tale for your happily ever after! More on Fairy Tale Weddings: Take…

How is De Comate Different?

De Comate’s sophistication comes from a board of women-only designers. This gives us that extra edge of elegance within every decor placement as we understand your desires in a deeper level. Our testimonial speaks for itself!

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