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Wedding Decor for a Perfect Summer Theme

There's something about a summer party that reads fun. (The pool floats! The cocktails! The bright dresses!). That's why summer is officially known as "wedding season", right? Well, chances are, you're either planning or attending a wedding this month or…

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Wedding Theme Decor - De Comate's Our Works

Confused? Get Started with Wedding Theme Decor

First things first: there are lots of wedding theme decor ideas available. But sometimes, the numbers can work towards your disadvantage, and you can be lost with what particular theme to choose. The truth, however, is that choosing a wedding theme decor is simple. All you have to do is get at the right start and everything will follow easily.

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Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

Choosing a beach theme wedding gives you a lot of advantages. One is giving yourself the total freedom to become creative and making your wedding celebration a totally unique one. Depending on the time of the day, the nature can help you to achieve the mood you want to set. A mid summer-day is the time for celebration, party, activity, excitement, and fun. The dawn or dusk provides a romantic feel to the event.

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Tips, Recommendations, Practical Advice for Themed Wedding (PART 2)

When it comes to wedding gift lists, ensure that there are more options and choices than there are wedding guests. You wouldn’t to get two or three of the same things now, would you?! Especially NOT with a themed wedding. People who might not be able to attend can identify your themed wedding/party and give you something appropriate. Maybe a gift certificate to your favorite sports-store or tickets to a local high-level game in a skybox or private viewing suite. These are just a few examples for a sports-theme wedding.

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Wedding tips: coordinate & plan decor placements

Tips, Recommendations, Practical Advice for Themed Wedding (PART 1)

During the process of getting to and through any dream decor occasion, especially a themed wedding event – you will encounter a mix of bad planning and activity frenzy. Flurries of emotions, frustrations, challenges and unforeseen happening in, between and around you.

Unsolicited advice can be overwhelming, but here’s some wedding tips for comfort since you’ve looked it up!

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Princess Wedding Theme: A True Display of Royalty

Arrange every detail of your big day as a display of grandeur for a complete princess wedding theme.

It is the classic realisation of a girl’s dream. Most ladies during their childhood dreamt of having her own castle, a wardrobe of magnificently created royal gowns, a crown that signifies her royalty, and a luscious garden wherein she could continue her wishful dreaming. So, what’s the key to your heart?

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